MD West Releases "Ordinary People"

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    "Ordinary People," John Legend's major crossover hit put him on the map and ignited what is expected to be a long career for Legend.  M.D. West, a multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, is hoping to use a little of the song's magic to launch him into the mainstream as well.

    Hailing from the talent oasis that is Detroit, MI, M.D. is a legitimate industry veteran having performed internationally since the age of 12.  By 17 his wide range of credits included Paul Anka, Branford Marsalis, & The Winans, among others.  At 19 he was credited with writing his first #1 hit, which stayed in the top of the gospel charts for an amazing 5 straight years. Stepping out from behind the scenes in 2005, his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ink from My Heart' remains an underground gem.  It was highlighted by the acoustic Babyface-ish tune ‘Mother's Day' which climbed to the top of iTunes in May 2006.  Ultimately it caught the attention of Hallmark, which plans to use the song during the 2008 Mother's Day season.

    West who pulls double duty as a stay-at-home dad with now two kids, took off for over a year when it was discovered his then newborn daughter developed a rare disease.

    "Family comes first.  So when I found out about my lil girl...there wasn't even a thought about what to do...even though I was in the middle of  promoting the album."

    His family life now in balance, West returns with a Detroit sound that lies somewhere between Stevie's funk & a Dilla beat. A significant departure from his last album, West explains why it was necessary. "When you take a song like this that so many people love, its don't even touch it unless you're going to take it to a whole notha realm. So that's what I did." Currently working on his next album, West's bassy remix is just a teaser while we wait for the full release. "So many people supported me thru our crisis, I had to do something  to let fans know I appreciate you...and I'm still here!"


    Want to hear a sample of MD West's "Ordinary People"?  Click on the "PLAY" button below


    Ordinary People

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