ArtCrawl Harlem treks from Motown to Def Jam

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    New York, NY (April 17, 2013) — ArtCrawl Harlem™ and Souleo Enterprises launches Motown to Def Jam - a multi-gallery visual art exhibition celebrating songs from the Chess, Def Jam, Motown, Stax and Philadelphia International Records catalogs - June 15 through July 26, as part of African-American Music Appreciation Month. Specially-commissioned works by over 40 painters, sculptors and new-media artists will be on display at four Harlem art galleries: LeRoy Neiman Art Center, Strivers Gardens Gallery, La Maison d’Art and The Sol Studio. Participating artists include Aanisah Hinds, daughter of Grammy-winning singer Macy Gray, and S. Ross Browne, 2011 winner, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.

    On June 15 a four-hour trolley-bus tour - led by expert guides and culminating with a dinner gala at Broadway Housing Communities' Rio Galleries featuring popular performers from the Metropolitan Transit Authority's Music Under New York paying tribute to the legendary labels - bolsters the kickoff. A limited number of early-bird tour tickets are available for $55 atArtCrawlHarlem.comor 1-800-838-3006.

    "The history of Harlem is inextricably linked to the progression of black popular music," said ArtCrawl Harlem founder Jacqueline Orange. "As we celebrate our fifth anniversary this summer, ArtCrawl Harlem is looking forward to providing more new and unique perspectives on the community and its thriving art scene."

    Throughout July each participating gallery will host free panel discussions with music experts and exhibiting artists exploring the connections between the visual arts and music, as well as the legacy of the respective labels, with moderator Souleo, the exhibit's curator.

    The gallery talks include:

    "I’ll Take You There" at La Maison d’ Art Wed. July 10, 7-9pm, honoring Chess and Stax

    "What’s Going On" at The LeRoy Neiman Art Center, Sat. July 13, 3-5pm, honoring Motown

    "Love Train" at Strivers Gardens Gallery Wed. July 17, 7-9pm, honoring Philadelphia International

    "Bring the Noise" at The Sol Studio Sat. July 20, 3-5pm, honoring Def Jam
    “I am proud to help highlight the powerful relationship between visual art and music,” Souleo added. "Like the songs they celebrate, the artwork explores relevant social themes that truly bring out the message in the music. Each artist captures the story of people of color in America from the 1950’s to present in ways that are visually stimulating and highly engaging."

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