Bostick's "It's Not So Easy" shines in new remix album

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    BostickBack in 2003, one of the first albums we ever reviewed on SoulTracks was It's Not So Easy, a Quincy Jones/Norman Connors-type producer's album by veteran guitarist Juewett Bostick.  Featuring great vocal performances by Ali Woodson, Denise Stewart and Jean Carn, Easy became an early SoulTracks favorite, a very nice blend of R&B and jazz that hit the spot for us.

    It's been seven years, and Bostick -- who is typically about 5 years ahead of other artists in his use of technology -- has recruited hitmaker Dave Rideau (Janet Jackson, Sting, TLC) to lead a remix if It's Not So Easy, and the fresh result reminds us of why we loved the original so much. It's great to hear these songs again in their new clothes. 

    To check out It's Not So Easy: The Dave Rideau Remixes, click on the picture above or visit