Marvin Isley dies at age 56

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    marvin isleyMarvin Isley, one of the "young three" members of the Isley Brothers who catapulted the group from a moderately popular R&B act to one of the greatest funk and soul groups of all time, has died from complications of diabetes at age 56.  Marvin's entry into the group in the early 70s, along with guitarist supreme Ernie Isley and keyboardist Chris Jasper, began a string of monster hits and a new aggressive sound for the Isleys that virtually defined 70s funk.  He left the group due to his illness in the mid 90s and became a spokesman for diabetes awareness. He will be greatly missed.


    The amalgamation of siblings and in-laws known as the Isley Brothers has withstood time, vast changes in musical styles, revolutionary developments in race relations, and age to become by any measure one of the most important groups of the last half-century.  READ MORE...