Spyro Gyra sets chart record

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    Cleveland, OH - With their new album, Down the Wire, released April 28, 2009 on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group, Spyro Gyra makes history, with nineteen titles reaching the Top Ten, making it the act with the most Top 10 Albums in the history of Billboard's Top Contemporary Jazz Albums Chart.

    Released on April 28, 2009, Down the Wire is a snapshot of Spyro Gyra's enduring dedication to attempting feats of creative dexterity, or as Audiophile Audition put it, "Spyro Gyra has a snap, originality and fresh sound that makes them appeal to listeners who would never listen to, say, a smooth jazz radio station." For more than three decades, the GRAMMY® nominated contemporary jazz quintet - led by saxophonist Jay Beckenstein with keyboardist Tom Schuman, guitarist Julio Fernandez, bassist Scott Ambush and drummer/percussionist Bonny B - have maintained a position at the forefront of modern jazz as evidenced by this achievement.
    "That's what has kept this band going," says Beckenstein. "There are always balances to be found - between the individual player and the group, between the songwriter and the player. It's about both satisfying yourself and satisfying your audience."
    Although often still pegged as being from Buffalo, NY, Down the Wire is the first Spyro Gyra recording to come out of Buffalo in thirty years, when they recorded their landmark classic, Morning Dance.

    While pleased with this latest recognition, Beckenstein has long been on record about his refusal to rest on any laurels. "You know, everybody up on the wire knows one thing for sure," Beckenstein laughs. "The real trouble comes if you start looking behind you. The future's in front of you."