First Listen: Tamika Jones - "Shoulda Loved Me"

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    We introduced SoulTrackers three years ago to talented DC-based singer Tamika "Love" Jones, who won us over with her debut album. After a hiatus to experience the joys of motherhood, Tamika is back and we're very glad she is.
    Tamika has finished her sophomore album, entitled Addicted to Love Jones. It is another exploration of relationships ranging from family to lover. And her first single from the album is a midtempo tune of a love lost called "Shoulda Loved Me." Tamika sings:

    Certain things, I shoulda learned a long time ago, 
    Acting like I don't know hasn't got me too far
    Something in me really wants to see your heart
    So I let the pain go on, til I can't take it no more....
    Now I'm Showing you the door...
    Shoulda Loved Me, Shoulda Loved Me When You Could
    You Coulda Had My Heart, We Coulda Been Good...
    "Shoulda Loved Me" is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check it out below and tell us what you think!
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