Miko & Carolyn are Taniq, a husband and wife Soul/Hip-Hop duo that sings, writes, and produces their material.  Taniq's debut album The Life and Times of Love is scheduled for release February 2008 and features top musicians from L.A. and Chicago. The newlyweds are still honeymooning, but this album offers more than just bedroom music. Miko comments, "Romantic love is only a facet of our lives together. Life and love are not one-dimensional and we wanted our experiences with friends, family, and God to be reflected on this album." They recently had one of their songs featured on ABC Family's Lincoln Heights and have songs placed in an upcoming feature film.

    Taniq was formed in Chicago in the winter of 2000. Originally a 6-piece band, they played some of Chicago 's most notable live venues, festivals, and theatre productions. Miko and Carolyn developed a strong musical partnership and friendship spanning 3 years. During their 2004 recording session of the self-entitled EP, unforeseen sparks flew between the two. They kept their courtship a secret from the rest of the band for over a year. They finally revealed their love a week before moving to Los Angeles.

    "The Soul Couple" is familiar with comparisons to music's most recognized couples. Fans have called them the next Ashford & Simpson, a soulful Sonny & Cher, and even the sober Bobby & Whitney. When asked what sets Taniq apart, Carolyn responds, "While our sound is deeply rooted in Soul and Hip-Hop, our music features Jazzy melodies, Funk-inspired horn arrangements, and Gospelesque call-and-response. It helps us attract people that may not normally find themselves in the same room." Their concerts feature a 7-piece band, a dance battle between the pair, and lots of personal and interactive audience participation.  

    About Carolyn:

    The singer-songwriter was raised in Houston , Texas . She began singing in the Gospel church at age 5. Her childhood also included classical training in voice and clarinet, as well as theater.  Her mother, an organist and choir director, was not a you-can't-listen-to-anything-but-gospel woman. "Mom and Dad had a collection of records that covered just about every genre, so I was well-versed in music from a young age." An internet ad for a lead spot in Taniq piqued her interest while attending college in NW Indiana. "I missed singing in the church and was simply looking for an outlet. It has turned into so much more than I imagined." Daylight savings time confusion almost resulted in her leaving the audition in Chicago . Stevie Wonder's "Knocks Me Off My Feet" was the song that sealed the deal for the songbird. "Only God could have the humor to turn a random internet search into a singing career and true love. Sure I got the gig, but I got a husband out of the deal, too!" She has performed as a soloist and background vocalist on recordings that run the gamut from World Beat to Bluegrass and Rock, while sharing lead in Taniq. "What I want most is to fulfill the purpose of my life and that is to heal, inspire, and incite people towards happiness through my life and music."

    About Miko:

    A native of Chicago, Miko has nearly two decades of experience as an artist, writer, and producer. He has credits writing and producing for other artists, in theatrical productions, film soundtracks, e-greeting cards, jingles, and voiceovers. Miko learned to read music and play through his first instrument, the accordion. "I was kinda' embarrassed, but I was probably the only kid that could rap a Run DMC song and play a Polka in 3/4 time." TANIQ is Miko's brainchild. It was essential that live instruments, male and female vocals, stimulating lyrics, and great showmanship be the foundation of the group. "I had the vision of what the group would stand for, but the biggest foundation I missed was love. Thankfully God doesn't need glasses and has shown me the bigger vision. Plus the fact that I get to share the mic and stage with my wife makes being in this industry even sweeter."

    Biography Courtesy of Taniq

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