TaQuita Thorns

TaQuita Thorns

    Official biography (courtesy TaQuita Thorns)

    Coming straight out of Detroit, Michigan, the birthplace of Motown music, TaQuita Thorns is the ultimate Rock&Soul diva. Impressing crowds with her solid powerhouse vocals and charismatic presence, the singer performs a sultry mix of pop songs set to unique R&B, house, disco and funk inspired beats.  Growing up, TaQuita was constantly surrounded and influenced by the sounds of iconic artists like Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Etta James, James Brown, Jackson 5, the Temptations and Whitney Houston, among many others. I cannot define my music. I have no particular sound or style. It’s a never ending river of grooves and blues,” explains TaQuita.

    During her childhood years, TaQuita wrote and performed music. She started singing at family events at four years old. By kindergarten, TaQuita was singing over the P.A. at school and writing songs, pairing them with illustrations. She was born with a natural spark of energy. As a preteen, the bright-eyed girl kick started a professional singing career by joining girl group Diamonds in the Rough.  A gifted young athlete, TaQuita ran cross-country and relay, joined the cheer team, as well as JROTC and marching band, while attending Denby Tech and Preparatory High School.

    But her real passion was singing and performing on stage. TaQuita was the lead vocalist of Denby Tech’s concert choir. She became the captain of the dance company and was picked to perform with the “All City” group, representing the best dancers from Detroit’s high schools. After graduating from Denby Tech, the shining performer attended Wayne State University where she focused on music and dance. During her time at Wayne State, TaQuita auditioned for major music executive Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and was invited to move to New York, where she filmed MTV’s Making the Band III.    

    Industry executives immediately took note of her burning passion and natural talent. When Making the Band wrapped, MTV hired TaQuita to star in a spin-off series. “The TaQuita & Kaui Show” aired in 2007. Set in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show followed TaQuita and MTB alum Kaui Beamer as they “followed their dream” as performing artists, while sharing a cramped efficiency unit at the Happi Inn on the Strip. Since “The TaQuita & Kaui Show,” TaQuita has been working diligently as a prolific songwriter and recording artist. TaQuita’s artistry draws from her life journey and brings to life the boundless energy and positivity that drives this exceptional young talent.

    Strutting fiercely to the top, the singer is currently recording the finishing tracks of her debut album, Rough & Fancy. I hope my music puts people in a good mood and inspires them to get up and move!” TaQuita said.

    Fully equipped with a sparkling gift and charisma to match, TaQuita Thorns is surely one of the most exciting new R&B music artists to emerge in years.

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