The Terri Green Project

The Terri Green Project

    Accomplished singer/songwriter Terri Bjerre, began her career with the  top 100  #1 hit  “Oh La La La” in Spain and Italy, and #13 in the UK, which charted around the globe,  as  a member of the German  Dance duo, 2 Eivissa.   She later hit the UK top 20  again, with Future Breeze featured on the trance smash Temple of Dreams.  Projects like Avantgarde, Dj the Crow, Brooklyn Bounce, and Special D, all lead to notable chart entries around the globe as a performer and writer.  With Avicii singing on the remix his first major single, a song she wrote and performed with Roger Sanchez, Bang That Box, it was clear she had solidified her spot in the ever evolving dance music industry.  Avicii would again help her out with a killer remix of her single, You Used to Hold Me and would be one of a few artist that were blessed with his amazing producing talent in his short life and career.  She adored him and his management  team contacted her to feature alongside Cazzette, leading to nearly 60 million streams to date with their collaboration on Blind Heart in 2015.  Terri hit the #3 position in the Russian top 100 radio charts with a song that featured legendary rock icon, Viktor Tsoy and has become an evergreen for Russian radio, with more than 450,000 spins to date.  On top of all of this she still managed to release more than 1,000 singles and remixes of her work, and top the US Billboard Club Singles Chart at number one three times, being the first to do so in 2015 with back to back hits including Cazzette (Blind Heart), Big Fun (D.o.n.s & Terri B!), and Ralphi Rosario’s project Rosabel with Anthem of House.  Touring with names like David Guetta, and TIesto were a highlight during her long illustrious career.  She most recently in 2018 recorded the new single for U96,a german iconic dance act which was on her bucket list for two decades. 

    Her songwriting credits extend far beyond those titles she performed, as she cowrote the winning top 10 German radio single for Smokey Legend, Chris Norman in 2004, Amazing.  Terri penned multiple titles for Danish superstar Medina’s first english Album, which awarded her gold status, and multiple tv projects including Popstars and Teen stars Germany,   “So You Think You Can Dance” (USA),  The Originals (USA), Pitch (USA), UBER North America Tv Ad Campaign to name a few. With hundreds and hundreds  of songs in her catalogue she has been very very active from the first day she began her career.

    In the  midst of all of these works and accomplishments, she met and began at his suggestion to write a soul album for her Soul project formation The Terri Green Project, Green being the her mothers’ maiden name and the family who helped raise Terri  for several years as a child, while her father was in the Air Force stationed abroad.  Terri had acquired quite a repertoire of work in Germany landing two duets on the most renown German rock  singer’s album, Good Life City, where she performed the title song, Good Life City and Strangers in the Night.  She had already hit the top 100 with Schlager legend Roberto Blanco as a collaborator with the Disco Boys on their hit Born to Be Alive and had plenty of music to the lay the ground work for the genre she so wanted to return to.   After 20 years of Dance she and co producer Torsten Abrolat were ready to celebrate the music they both loved.  The glorious soulful 60s, 70s and 80s.  Terri’s first cassette tape was gifted to her by her mom a huge music lover that included, Earth Wind and Fire and Disco hits and almost 40 years later she would meet her idol, Donna Summer, whom she loved for her entire life.  On the first album Terri was able to thank Donna personally by adding the song On the Radio to her Soul Dedication album and Donna said  “Girl please do it,  I’ve heard so much about you” and she was really happy to meet Terri as well via a mutual friend even planning a songwriting session in Nashville just months before her untimely death.   Her long time collaborator, Hall of Fame songwriter (2018) Stephen H. Dorff, was the first to tell Donna’s husband how much Terri adored her works and Terri was a huge fan.  

    Torsten a producer, saxophonist, and pianist was clear and passionate about getting Terri to slow the pace and find her voice in soul again.  She jumped in and they penned the first record  with some amazing talent including Johan “Kermit” Bobaeck (Glee, Celin Dion), Stephen H. Dorff ( Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand), Jochen Mueller ( the Veronicas, Stafford Brothers), and  Mike Severson (Joe, Beyonce, Musiq Soulchild).  Torsten was able to capture the soulful sounds reminiscent of Barry White, Earth Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, and a bit of Burt Bacharach with their own originals compositions and lyrics.  Torsten made sure the strings were soulful and classical which lead to their own category they call “Orchestral Soul”.

    Terri was very concerned that though she has toured the globe as a pop dance artist, she felt the industry wasn’t diverse enough in what it offered to people over forty, which she nicknames, the “Grown & Sexy” crowd.  Music has no color or age and we should feel good and our spirits should be lifted when we listen to our favorite artist.    She was intent on bringing music to her age group, the forgotten middle age of the world.   Creating “Diamond Nights” her 9 piece band plays with special guests to a sold out crowd in Hamburg and they also rotate the event in Europe for special events.   Terri host and performs classic of hits of way back when and her own originals to a standing room audience, often to a sold out crowd of  “grown and sexy music lovers”.   Torsten and Terri both felt like Barry White, shaped a part of their musical development and taste and style with disco flair and sexy grooves and they wanted to pay homage to this era that can never be forgotten.   The Spinners, Gap Band, Teddy Pendergrass and Stephanie Mills were a few of the bands cherished to this day by Terri.

    Even during her electronic music tours, she always prepares with a Michael Jackson, The Spinners or a good Ojays record. 

    The glowing stage persona of Terri Green has always been her strength.  Her unique vocal color united with the soulful direction of Toddi Reed has culminated in a forthcoming album in 2019 entitled “What a Feeling”.  The first single, Night to Remember pays tribute to a man she ran into during a conference and caught up briefly with in 2017, Mr. Nile Rodgers.  She has adored his music and production work since she was twelve or thirteen and  considers him one of the greatest musicians of all time.  She hopes one to day find a session where they can unite and also create some magic.  “Night to Remember” is a sexy guitar laced track with  enhanced by Terri’s thick vocal color and energetic club  sensibility.   She gives everything she has to an audience and believes the record has to allow the same emotions to flow.  With famed producer Franz Plasa ( Mariah Carey, Echt) playing a cool guitar riff, the mood is set and delivered.  The forthcoming album will feature work from Carrington-Brown, former London Philharmonic Cellist, Rebecca Carrington, and her husband, Colin Brown, who is known for his work with Bobby Mcferren and has backed up Robbie Williams with his former acapella group. They appear on a smooth and delightful version of Burt Bacharach’s Look of Love, a bonus title on the long play.  Terri penned a phenomenal ballad in hopes to pitch to Whitney prior to her passing but Stephen H. Dorff, who wrote for Whitney's first album inspired Terri to cut a version on her own and this uptempo disco revisit is energetic and spirited.  What A Feeling, Never Gonna Let, and Giving It Up  and just a few of the titles which revolve around Terri’s theme of love and being in love.  The long play will be released in early 2019.