Official Biography (courtesy of The BGP)

    In the city known for Grunge Rock and perpetual rain, THE BGP offers a surprisingly upbeat perspective.   Bringing forth an arsenal of blue-eyed soul dance jams about big dreams and small wallets, the band finds its roots in Suburban America.  BGP frontman B. Ghorley's off-the-cuff lyrical style pays tribute to the classic American dichotomy: working a blue-collar job and aspiring to financial freedom; engaging the realities of domestic life, yet struggling to achieve self-actualization. For The BGP, solace is found in the danceable beats of classic and modern soul and r&b artists like Hall and Oates and Robin Thicke.

    The cornerstone of the band's odyssey is found on the stage, where 3-part harmonies, vintage instruments, and a fan-base that shouts and dances nearly as much as the performers themselves, are a refreshing jolt of energy in a gray tapestry of music industry sameness.  Stage jumps from the top of a Fender Rhodes, Jimi Hendrix-style guitar riffs, and an infusion of hip hop dances beats are just the beginning of a live show that can only be described as one-of-a-kind.

    The band received a brief reprieve from their nose-to-the-grindstone tour ethic in 2009, when they were scouted and picked up by NBC's "America's Got Talent" season 4.  Ultimately eliminated in Las Vegas (by The Hoff, himself) a precipitous return home has given way to a new Full Length album project (produced by Brian Fennell of Barcelona), a West Coast Tour, and showcase for Microsoft Zune.

    Looking to the future, Ghorley is optimistic.  "We're a brotherhood.  And we've all made an Oath to keep pushing as hard as we can until we achieve our Dreams.  I know something is going to give.  Soon."