The Kind Revolution

The Kind Revolution


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Official Biography (courtesy of the Kind Revolution)

The Kind Revolution is a musical project created to produce original songs. It has the female singer Lorna Earnshaw and guitarrist/songwriter Ricardo Scartezini. The very begining of the idea started with both working on a new material to conceive a compilation that could gather most of their influences. They teamed up with the rest of the group, on late 2009, for the recording sessions that resulted on the debut album, titled SWEET SUNRISE. The record was released around july/2010 and has many different genre's elements - as soul, jazz, R&B, blues, rock and pop - creatively blended. New music without too many boundaries. Enjoy!

Available Music

Featured Album - Lasperanza - "Seeds"
Featured Album - Nichelle Colvin - Welcome to Gary
Advance Featured Album - Rahsaan Patterson - Heroes & Gods

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