The Neo Jazz Project

The Neo Jazz Project

Official Biography (courtesy of TNJP)

The Neo-Jazz Project (TNJP) is composed of three Detroit artist who came together to share ideas and concepts with the focus of writing, recording and performing original music. All the members of the group have extensive experience working with many local bands and artist throughout the metropolitan Detroit area. Their collective experience covers a range of musical styles and genres from Gospel to Jazz and is reflected in their own music.

TNJP's music is a blend of Neo-Soul and Nu-Jazz with a touch of poetry. The soul of the group is the lead vocalist Patti Bijou whose unique vocals brings the music to life with an unparalleled style that's all her own. Patti is also an accomplished lyricist and writes many of the groups songs. The groups' primary lyricist is bassist Anthony Beauford, a poet at heart with an amazing gift for writing flowing lyrics, and second to none on holding down the groove on bass. Creating the rhythm and grooves is guitarist Duane Fuller, as producer of the group, Duane pulls all the elements together to bring The Neo-Jazz Project experience to the listeners.

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