Thomas Hunter

Thomas Hunter

    Official Biography (courtesy of Thomas Hunter)

    Thomas Hunter fuses timeless classic style soul with R&B as well as a sprinkling of rap to bring his effortlessly classy, soulful songs to the fore as strong contenders for chart success.

    Thomas Hunter, from North Carolina, USA has spent most of his life mastering the art of commercial songwriting. With his own blueprint method of creating songs from observing his life as well as others around him, his songs wrap you in a blanket of seduction and passion. His warm, melted chocolate voice oozes through you in waves leaving you totally at his mercy and begging for more.

    His life-long love of music drew him to learn piano from a young age and to formal vocal training which earned him college scholarships in both disciplines.   Thomas went on to study Commercial Songwriting and Music Psychology.  Thomas has worked with many influential and accomplished  

    industry individuals including Grammy nominee Rodney Shelton, guitarist Calvin Edwards and choreographer Barry Lather (Nasty Boys - Janet Jackson).

    As a regular live performer, working with function bands as well as a rock band, Thomas has learned the craft of being a versatile and rounded artist. Finding his niche in Soul and R&B, Thomas has a catalogue of  enough material for 11 albums ready and waiting to record.

    His debut album 'EROS', produced by Rodney Shelton and featuring  the awesome Joe Lindsay on guitar, is a showcase of Thomas' heartfelt classic love songs. Using the name of the Greek God of Love, EROS also symbolizes the four most important areas of Thomas Hunter's being...  Emotion - Romance - Oneness and Sexuality.

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