Classic Soul Triple-Play: The Gap Band

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    Though never given just due by music critics, for the better part of a decade the Gap Band created some great music that has increased in stature over time and has influenced a new generation of artists who have liberally borrowed from the Gap sound in creating modern soul and hip-hop albums. 

    Formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 70s by brothers Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson, the Gap Band largely mimicked musical pioneers George Clinton, Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & Fire before developing their own distinctive sound in the early 80s that propelled them to the forefront of soul and funk music...Read full biography of The Gap Band 

    Here are three of our favorites from the Gap Band: "Burn Rubber," "Yearning for Your Love" and "You Dropped a Bomb On Me".

    Classic Soul Triple-Play is a new SoulTracks feature that spotlights three songs from some of our favorite all time artists. If you would like to make a recommendation of a future Triple-Play, send us a note to TriplePlay(at)