Truthful Justice

Truthful Justice

    Official Biography (courtesy of Truthful Justice)

    Committed to do God's will this power packed duo is a husband and wife team (Tori & Jason Peoples) who loves the art of music and MOST importantly God's people. Truthful Justice embraces the love of God and the freedom love can give to all mankind.

    “Let There Be” is the title of Truthful Justice’s first project, which is a collection of 8 powerful songs inspired by the sounds of Motown, Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington, to Acoustic soul and worship for the pure at heart.  Truthful Justice likes to call it “Gospel Think Music”.

    The first song on the album “What Should I Do” allows listeners to easily hear Truthful Justice’s heartbeat for God and the everyday toils with the flesh and mind.

    “We address common struggles [within the Christian Body].  The struggle is that we have issues; all of mankind has issues.  It is not an attempt to highlight that, but to bring awareness to it. In the end it is our prayer that once you’ve heard and understood the ministry being brought forth through this album that your journey will not only be renewed but rediscovered, and that you’ll "let there be..." whatever it is God has ordained for you. ” – Jason Peoples

    Both are musicians, singers and songwriters in their own rights, and that is clearly visible on this wonderful project.

    The group has a website and the album can be purchased on all major distribution sites such as Cdbaby, iTunes, and Amazon music.


    Available Music

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