Ty Causey - Down II Earth (2010)

Ty Causey
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The music of Ty Causey is musical comfort food. In uncertain times, people eat the foods that they know they like. Why? Well, often the reason is that there are so many points of upheaval in life, a person is going to want to fall back on things that are known quantities. That's why folks eat ice cream after a tough break up. It probably also explains why a lot of people have their favorite pizza parlor on speed dial, so they can get something to eat after a hard day at work. The musical comfort food theory explains why Causey's music goes down so easy among people looking for a steady diet of mature and sensual jazz infused soul and R&B.

Causey doesn't add many new ingredients on Down II Earth, his latest independently produced record. That's okay. Causey grew a substantial national and international following by sticking to what he does extremely well. If anything, Down II Earth shows that Causey has become more focused and efficient as a songwriter. Even though affairs of the heart remain the main course, Causey shows that he is willing to ask his listeners to eat their vegetables. The gritty and funky tune "Livin' On the Borderline" finds Causey dispensing advice on how to cope in a world where only the strong survive.

Still, Causey is at his best when he steps back into his role as a crooner. His silky vocals are always on point, but the growth in Causey's songwriting shines through on numbers such as "Start Again." The song tells the story of two lovers who appear to have fallen into a rut, and the conversational tone of the lyrics finds Causey imploring his lover to push the reset button on the relationship.

Tunes such as "Love II The Bone" show that Causey is adept at varying both the tempo and theme in a genre of music that is often criticized for being limited. "Love II The Bone" is a slow, hypnotic and sensual ballad where Causey croons about a love that goes to his very core.

Down II Earth is a record that succeeds by sticking to the formula without becoming formulaic. To the extent that this record earns Causey new fans, it will be due to the fact that DownII Earth reached folks who are starving for the musical treats that Ty Causey offers. Recommended

By Howard Dukes


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