Wade O. Brown

Wade O. Brown

The deaths of Luther Vandross and Barry White have left a void in Soul music for the type of late night love crooners who became a staple in the 80s, and Wade O. Brown is looking to fill that void.

Born and raised in Detroit, the singer/songwriter/keyboardist was mentored as teen by the legendary Clark Sisters and became a regular in the Midwest Gospel community.  As a young adult he moved to Toronto, where there was a burgeoning Soul music scene, and was soon fronting a band at singer Keith Washington's soul food restaurant.  Brown began making a name for himself playing private parties in the Toronto area and became a vocalist of choice when soul performers such as Aretha Franklin and Glenn Lewis came to town.

Working with friend Wil Van Zyl, Brown put together a solo debut album, "Complete," in 2003, which received some regional notice but not exceptional sales.  However, the disc was a fine showcase for his talent as a vocalist and garnered the interest of a number of important collaborators for his second disc, All Night All Love, released in the Summer of 2005. 

By Chris Rizik

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