Water Seed

Water Seed

    The five-piece band Water Seed has "brought the funk" to its many homes, with each of New Orleans , Atlanta , Baltimore and DC calling the band its own.  Strong musicianship and the always solid vocals have made them a crowd favorite.  Founded by drummer Lou Hill, the band includes keyboardist J. Sharp, flutist Cinese, bass player Marius Tilton and lead vocalist Ryan Johnson. 

    Water Seed sold over 6,000 copies of the band's debut album, Two Words and is following it up in March, 2008 with a live CD, Early for the Future, that captures the electricity of the Water Seed show. In 2012, Water Seed readied a new album, Wonder of Love,and issued the single "Feel Like I Do" in July.

    By Chris Rizik

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    Water Seed(knowledge and growth): The rebirth of the classic soul funk band
    (courtesy of Water Seed)

    Water Seed was only months away from completing their second CD when tragedy struck.  Hurricane Katrina displaced all the members of this young band and totally devastated all property, lifestyle and livelihood that Water Seed spent years building.  The band found a home in Atlanta Georgia and found a way to move forward.  Like all those affected, Water Seed got back to the business of making and expressing themselves through their music. 

    There is a smoldering fire in Atlanta and its name is Water Seed.  Water Seed is a band dedicated to recreating the true American soul/funk band.  In the tradition of Earth, Wind and Fire, Commodores, Rufus and Chaka, and Maze, Water Seed has the marketability to open the doors to a sound that everyone will soon be after. 

    In August 2006 Water Seed let loose with their first EP, Two Words. Independently released, the seven track EP has generated a ground swelling buzz to the tune of a 6,500 units sold in the first 6 months. This co-ed ensemble possesses a brotherly and sisterly love that vibrates through each and every one of their songs. They have been referred to as a band that represents harmony in a way that most bands try to achieve", and the band to keep an eye on". Water Seed has a live show like no other. You can take the musician out of New Orleans, but you can't take New Orleans out of the musician. It is no wonder this band is always in high demand. There has never been a show performed by Water Seed without the band breaking into those New Orleans street beats that we all love. Crowds can't get enough of Water Seed's live energy.

    This good looking young band is spearheading the new generation of the rebirth of the classic funk soul band by presenting their third live album "Early For The Future" .  "Early For The Future" creates a fusion of funk and soul that goes beyond novel trends and that has everything to do with their cultural upbringing.  The band offers a high dose of rhythms, sensuality and pleasure on each of their tracks.

    Water Seed
    is anything but a typical funk, Jazz soul act. The 8 songs that make up their live album "Early For The Future"  introduces Water Seed as a group who have fused their musical origins of drums, flute, keys, guitar, bass, percussion and horns  to that of a mix with Louisiana music influences. Resulting in a concoction of jazz, funk, blues, neo soul rhythms that any audience can feel by the first note.