Official Biography (courtesy of YuLANDA)

    Charismatic, energetic, is how you would describe this R&B/Soul artist, YuLanda. She began singing in her church choir at the age of three, but her singing career began to branch out when she won "Entertainer of the Year" in her hometown of Kansas City , MO. It was a telephone audition which landed her the lead role in the Grammy Award winning group, "The Sounds of Blackness." YuLanda's song "Reconciliation" with the group was nominated for two NAACP Image awards in 2000 as well as song "Kings and Queens " received a nomination for "Best Duo/Outstanding Group" in which she performed the title track in 2008.  The Sounds of Blackness garnered not only music awards such has GRAMMY© and Stellar awards, but the group has accepted an Emmy nomination from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.                                                    

    During her illustrious career with the group, YuLanda has traveled overseas amazing audiences - leaving them standing on their feet begging for more.  In 2008, YuLanda performed a tribute for the legendary songstress, Aretha Franklin at the 39th Annual NAACP Image Awards.                                                                                                                                      

    This talented artist has also appeared on Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Soul Train and Vibe (Television Series), along with Regis & Kelly and the Tom Joyner Morning Show to name a few. She can sing any genre of music and when on stage she gives the best of the best. A YuLanda performance always leaves her fans amazed and refreshed.

    With this album tentative scheduled to be release late 2011 independently will showcase her vocal ability. YuLanda's priority is to put people face-to-face with her talents. The album is a handful of heartfelt ballads, including the first single, get your act together track "Let It Go," the melodically upbeat "Quicky," a smooth, and the dramatic-and-epic "Jus B Cuz."

    The analogy of a naturally skillful tightrope walker fits YuLanda, as she has mastered the challenging balancing act between presenting gospel and R&B music to her listeners. This solo album generates undertones of confidence, strength and liberty on each track. While she has much in common with the burgeoning world of gospel-R&B music, this original talent still easily stands out above the pack.

    Overall, this album has a positive vibe and an uplifting attitude to share and all listeners will love YuLanda's music. This accomplished international talented artist voice speaks for itself. I am sure you are going to appreciate her wonderful message of spiritual up-lifting and love.  YuLanda's performances are inspirational to hear and her music is truly amazing. She is "The Total Package."

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