• Kindred the Family Soul - Legacy of Love

    Years into a relationship or a marriage, it happens: the dopamine has faded and the drudge...

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  • (August 28, 2016) We are sad to inform SoulTrackers of the death, at age 66, of Edward “Dwight” Fields of The Manhattans.  


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  • It wouldn’t be correct to define Anthony David solely by his protest songs because he’s given us some great duets, vulnerable, blues infused numbers and some funky...

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  • (August 25, 2016) He's a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and was a key member of one of the biggest R&B and funk groups of all time. ...

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Soul Music Birthdays


August 29

Dinah Washington (1924)

August 30

Ronald Beitle of Wild Cherry (1954)

August 31

John Davis (1947)
Wilton Felder of the Crusaders (1940)
Sheree Hicks (1972)

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