• Phonte & Eric Roberson - Tigallerro

    They both needed this. Both Eric “Erro” Roberson and Phonte Coleman, the former being the...

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  • Who, pray tell, is Moss Kena?

    Sometimes the most exciting new artists are those you happen upon by accident, and courtesy of a Spotify-curated...

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  • (July 20, 2016) It wasn't very long ago that Detroit singer K'Jon took the soul music world by storm with the ballad "On The Ocean." It was a song...

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  • (July 18, 2016) We first introduced SoulTrackers to talented singer and songwriter Robert Gee eight years ago when we reviewed his excellent album...

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Soul Music Birthdays


July 24

Jennifer Lopez (1970)
Ann Nesby (1955)

July 25

Darrell Banks (1937)
Bennie Benjamin (1925)

July 26

Betty Davis (1945)
Dobie Gray (1942)
Bruce Hawes (1953)

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