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Mark Ronson - Uptown Special (2015)

In case you didn’t get the memo the first time, producer Mark Ronson is a fan of nostalgia. It’s what made him the go-to guy in the music biz. He was the brains behind the Motown-sounding throwback soul of Amy Winehouse’s records. He gave Duran Duran their ‘80s comeback sound on All You Need Is Now, creating a hip time warp back to the tidal waves of ‘80s  New Wave...

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“You Can't Buy It If You Don't Know It Exists”

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January 27

Bobby "Blue" Bland (1930)
Bobby Bland (1930)
L.J. Reynolds (1953)

January 28

Mario Biondi (1971)
William Nelson of Funkadelic (1951)
Marvin Sapp (1967)

January 29

Pauline Henry of the Chimes (1961)
James Jamerson of the Funk Brothers (1938)

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