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Beau Williams

Beau Williams

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Houston, Texas born singer Beau Williams may be one of the greatest Soul voices of the past 30 years, but he still remains relatively unknown outside of the Gospel world. Williams was performing at an early age, and his clear, booming Gospel voice began winning local talent contests for him by the time he was a teen. He began providing backup vocal work in the late 70s and nearly became the Temptations' lead singer after the departure of Louis Price in 1980.

With the help of George Benson, Williams landed a recording contract with Capitol Records in 1981. He recorded four albums for Capitol during 1982-86 which were of uneven quality but which included a number of notable ballads that showed off his strong, multi-octive Sam Cooke-like voice. "Elvina," "I Think I Know You," "The Last Time I Made Love" and the booming "Another Place and Time" earned for Williams critical acclaim and an international following but little success in the U.S. He achieved his only notoriety in America when he became the winning male singer on the TV talent show Star Search in 1983 (which was designed as an amateur show, though oddly Williams won after he had already released two albums).

In 1989 Williams went back to his roots, signing with Light Records and releasing the Gospel album Wonderful. He scored a number one Gospel hit with the title cut, a Sam Cooke remake. His follow up album, Love, also hit the top 5 and included another hit Cooke cover, "That's Heaven to Me." Williams recorded three more less popular Gospel albums, the last being 1996's They Need to Know on Insync Records, before his solo recording career faded.  Williams continued to self-release music sporadically, most recently Visions, which can be found on his website.

Williams continues to perform in Gospel shows around the U.S. and operates Beau Williams Ministries.

By Chris Rizik

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The Greatest Love
The Best of Beau Williams

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Beau Williams

Beau Williams still sounds exactly the way he did when I first heard him over 20 years ago. He has a new CD that is absolutely "wonderful". He also has a Christmas CD that will never be outdated. I would like to say to Beau Williams-- never stop recording, because you are truly one of a kind...

Thank you for allowing God to use you.

D. Smith, Pastor

Beau Williams has a

Beau Williams has a beautiful gospel song that plays on KJCB radio in Lafayette, Louisiana quite frequently...I'm not sure of the title, but I believe it's God's Greatest Gift To A Man Is A Woman...anyone knowing where I can find the song's location...what CD it's on...the year of the CD...would be greatly appreciated. email information to

Beau Williams has a track

Beau Williams has a track entitled The Greatest Gift From God to Man Is A Woman, on what CD can I find it. I live in Tyler, TX and the lyrics to the song are simply beautiful. email

Lydia Leopold I am in need

Lydia Leopold
I am in need of your help. I need to know where I can purchase a copy of "The Greatest Gift" by Beau Williams. Any help I received will be greatly appreciated.

Pastor if you still read

Pastor if you still read these, would you just happen to have his accompaniment track It Is Well?

if you still read these,

if you still read these, would you just happen to have his accompaniment track It Is Well?