Lando - In This Space (2010)

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Orlando R. Joiner the accounting student probably looked at all those statistics that showed how much money accountants make and how quickly the accountant students get jobs - especially after they earn their CPA. Joiner determined that accounting would yield steadier paydays than music making, and decided that he needed to go to school. Of course, dreams die hard, and music dreams are often the most persistent. So it is not surprising that the Detroit native decided to remain involved in the business of music. He's worked with several name acts before releasing an album of his own. That album, released under the stage name Lando, is titled In This Space -  and it was money well spent.

In This Space is another album that will serve as a rebuttal to those who believe nobody makes quality adult oriented soul. In a way, Lando didn't really have a choice because he possesses the kind of throaty and raspy tenor that rules out singing bubble gum pop. Still, Lando embraces adult soul both from a topical and lyrical standpoint. Any man or woman struggling to stay above water in these tough economic times will identify with the song "The Light." In that song, Lando details how the stress of trying to figure out how much gas he can put in his car while still having enough money to feed his family can be spiritually suffocating. Lando shows that sensitivity can be rugged on the songs "Anyuthatime," and "Leavin." Both appear to be beginning and ending of a story. Lando expresses his frustration about being ‘the other man' on the former and declares his intention to walk away from an indifferent lover on the latter. Lando manages to be sensual without being explicit and sensitive without sacrificing his strength. In fact, on In This Space  Lando shows his younger counterparts a machismo that is open and expressive while also being realistic. The green eyeshades can wait; Lando has a future in the music business. 

Notable Tracks: Touch U, I love Er'ything About U, Just Keep Turnin' Me On, Say The Word

Vocals: 3.0
Lyrics: 3.0
Music: 3.0
Production: 3.0
Soultracks call: Recommended

By Howard Dukes


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