Mary Mary - Go Get It (2012)

Mary Mary
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Erica and Tina Campbell, a.k.a. Mary Mary, are practically unstoppable these days, reveling in the success of their marriages, motherhood, and ministering to the masses with a hybrid of holiness and hip-hop soul. Thanks to a new niece/daughter (for Tina and Erica, respectively), upcoming Essence Music Fest dates and a just-renewed WeTV reality show, there’s probably not enough energy for the divinely-inspired duo to record an entirely new project, but Go Get It strikes a reasonable compromise, providing re-tooled versions of earlier hits for newcomers to the Mary Mary sound and a pair of invigorating new tracks for their long-time listeners to enjoy.

Anyone who’s heard the musical testimony of Mary Mary or witnessed their personal and professional dramas on the show knows that the Campbell sisters fuel creativity in one another as much as they do conflicts, so the inclusion of titles reflecting a cross-section of attitudes and emotions to is expected: some songs practically mirror their predecessors to a T (“Dirt,” “He Said,” “God In Me”) and others are just barely tweaked for effect (“Can’t Give Up Now” is a bit more polished and percussion-laced than the original featured on their 2000 debut, Thankful , and “Shackles [Praise You]” has just a hint of Auto-Tune), so what makes the CD live up to its moniker  is the retro-fitted yet bouncy ode to worship, “Sunday Morning” (one can actually envision the Campbell sisters rocking and swinging in the choir stands with its crisp and chirping beat) and the high-octane title track, “Go Get It,” a song that encourages the struggling to remain on the path to redemption and start praising God for the breakthrough that’s on the way: “You’ve been qualified, with His mercy multiplied…it’s official, go ‘head and testify, He’s gon’ bless you, you gon’ bless Him, now God be glorified, go get it!”

Go Get It serves a dual purpose, encapsulating a diverse array of favorites all in one place while serving up two new tracks that offer reverence for worship and inspiration for the weaker moments in-between church services.  A gift for that Mary Mary fan in your life or an update for your scratched-up “help-me-it’s-rush-hour” mixtape. Three words, you know what to do….. Warmly Recommended.

By Melody Charles


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