TK Soul - Undisputed (The Album) (2007)

TK Soul
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I was looking for some new, entertaining, inspiring music.  As I sifted through various new CDs in my collection, I came across an interesting CD cover of a boxer poised for a match.  Even though I was in neither the mood for rap nor explicit lyrics, my curiosity was heightened, so I took a chance.  Alarming, it was neither rap nor explicit lyrics, but a 12-track CD full of old school grown folks' music ranging from dance to ballads.  T.K. Soul (from Louisiana aka The Bad Boy Of Southern Soul) latest project Undisputed (The Album) on Soulful Records was stirring and memorable.     

T.K. Soul's professional stint began with performing in school and church choirs, playing with local bands, garnering his big break with a local group, Under 21, later named Profyle; being hired by R & B group H-Town as a keyboardist, beginning his stretch on the road to later working with Southern Soul artist, Willie Clayton.    

There are some excellent cuts on this project, from the title track "Undisputed" - which takes you back to the Roger/Zapp era -- to ballads "Love T.K Soul," "It Ain't Cheatin Til U Get Caught" and "What Does It Take," where Keith Sweat meets The Persuaders.  And the cut "Party Like Back In The Day" is an excellent dance song for cruises and house parties; you can play it for any dance style from Macarena to Cupid Shuffle to Electric Slide. 

This CD is an Undisputed knock out.  Recommended.

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