• (January 19, 2018) Keith Sweat has been riding the top of the R&B world for three decades, and the host of the Sweat Hotel doesn't show...

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  • (January 19, 2018) It’s been a long time since Parliament has created new music. Thirty-eight years to be exact. Parliament disbanded in the early...

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  • (January 18, 2018) DC-based singer Anissa Hargrove made her name 20 feet from stardom, singing background for a who’s who of R&B singers ranging from Patti...

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  • (January 18, 2018) Once upon a time, yet not long ago, R&B had a different type of vibe: sensual, yet subtle, love in equal measure with lust and rap cameos...

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Soul Music Birthdays


January 20

Jose James (1978)
Leadbelly (1949)
Heather Small of M People (1965)
Eric Stewart of 10cc (1945)

January 21

Richie Havens (1941)
Jam Master Jay of Run DMC (1965)

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