• Meli'sa Morgan - Love Demands

    The deep-hued, brightly resonating voice of Meli’sa Morgan first wowed listeners and...

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  • (July 14, 2018) Producer and songwriter Bey Bright was inspired by Quincy Jones and his albums that featured a plethora of stars and a great mixture...

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  • (May 12, 2018) As long as there has been SoulTracks, we've been closely following the career of uber-talented singer, songwriter and musician Frank McComb. ...

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  • (July 13, 2018) Since he released the hit single “Love Like Yours and Mine” a couple months ago, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the upcoming new album by the great...

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Soul Music Birthdays

Frank McComb Award.JPG

July 15

H B Barnum (1936)
Alicia Bridges (1953)
Frank McComb (1970)
David Pack (1952)

July 16

William Bell (1939)

July 17

Regina Belle (1963)