• (May 19, 2019) We are extremely sad to inform SoulTrackers of the death of After 7 cofounder and co-lead singer Melvin Edmonds,...

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  • (May 17, 2019) If last year’s Run Deep was supposed to be the proving ground for the musical offspring of a legend, then Deval Mahal proved...

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  • (May 15, 2019) For more than a half century, he provided the bottom sound for one of the greatest soul groups of all time. We are sad to inform SoulTrackers of the...

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  • (May 15, 2019) Longtime ST fave Pieces Of A Dream has been churning out chart-topping hits for four consecutive decades. Even the iconic Count Basie declared Pieces...

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SoulTracks "Fresh Soul" Playlist

Soul Music Birthdays

Bill Champlin.jpg

May 20

Cher (1946)
Joe Cocker (1944)
Shorty Long (1940)
Busta Rhymes (1972)

May 21

Bill Champlin (1947)
Notorious B.I.G. (1972)
Leo Sayer (1948)

May 22

Johnny Gill (1966)
Featured Album - Lasperanza - "Seeds"
Featured Album - Nichelle Colvin - Welcome to Gary
Advance Featured Album - Rahsaan Patterson - Heroes & Gods