• (January 15, 2021) The upcoming movie Blithe Spirit, a reboot of a Noel Coward story, sounds like a very odd premise for a film: a writer...

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  • (January 13, 2021) When you’re caught in a pandemic, some people cover up and wait it out. Others bury themselves in their work, albeit in new ways. The Prince of...

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  • (January 11, 2021) Boredom, barbed words, and belligerent tones that push us to the edge: in the best of times and the worst of times, relationships can splinter and...

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  • (January 11, 2021) Since her breakout album Soul Organic two decades ago, Hilary Mwelwa, the voice that is Hil St. Soul, has been a source...

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SoulTracks "Fresh Soul" Playlist

Soul Music Birthdays


January 15

Bobby Bloom (1946)
Lisa Lisa (1967)
Pete Waterman (1947)

January 16

Aaliyah (1979)
Maxine Jones of En Vogue (1962)
Barbara Lynn (1942)
Sade (1959)
Song of the Month - Tatianna Mott - "Come Home"
Live Performance of the Week - Douyé - Once I Loved