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All Music - This is a music lover's dream site.  Artist bios, discographies and album reviews are featured.  This one shouldn't be missed.

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Music Information


All Music - This is a music lover's dream site.  Artist bios, discographies and album reviews are featured.  This one shouldn't be missed.

Disco, Soul, Gold - UK Soul record label with Soul radio promotions service

Finding the B Side - Interviews, reviews, discussions and mixes for neo-soul, r&b, jazz and gospel music enthusiasts

Funk and Soul Revue - A UK soul site devoted to bringing the best in new and classic funk, soul and disco to a new generation

InDaMixWorldwide  - The Disco to House Music Daily Update

Soul and Jazz - Website promoting jazz and soul related music. Reviews, biographies, interviews and more - A source for good historical information on the many styles of jazz.

Keys and Chords- A nice online magazine out of Belgium covering a variety of popular music styles.

Miss Funkyflyy's Web Pages  - For those who like the funkier side of soul.

The Music Lounge - A site dedicated to bringing you the latest in the smoothest Hip Hop, Soul, & Acid Jazz. - The best of the Australian music scene

Northern Soul New Zealand - "Spreading the faith Down Under"

Patrick's Soul/Funk Special - A Swedish site dedicated to soul and funk from 1979-1986.

Randy's Rodeo - A very complete site with information on multiple music genres.

Save Our Soul - A nice site from the Netherlands billed as "the hottest soul show on radio, with R&B, urban and classic soul music."

The Smooth Jazz Ride - The contemporary jazz website featuring all things smooth jazz

Smooth Jazz Therapy - Our friend Denis Poole's very nice site dedicated to smooth jazz.  A welcome addition to the musical cyberworld.

SoulBounce - Very cool site with news, interviews and reviews.

Soul Express - Once a great magazine, Soul Express is now a great European web site with online reviews and interviews.

Soul Interviews - Site with a treasure trove of great interviews of soul artists. - David Nathan's deep site filled with interviews and features on classic soul stars.

Soul Music Songs - The Best Music: Soul, Gospel, Funk, Blues and R&B music.

Soul Sorts -- UK-based Soul Music site by Roger Williams, DJ and CD cover designer for Expansion Records.  A very nice addition to the web for Soul music lovers.

Soul Walking - Toby Walker's wonderful soul music site full of bios and reviews.

Southern Soul RnB - Daddy B. Nice's guide to contemporary Southern R&B.

This is Angelique - Soulful vibes, music and fro's according to Radio host Angelique Houtveen.

Tom Paul's Music Blog - An informative blog on the indie soul music scene in New York.

True Artist Entertainment - A Soul Music magazine, interviews, news and reviews

Ultimate Soul and Funk Music Database - Nice database site with hard to find information and samples on hard-to-find black music releases.

Vocal Group Harmony - An interesting site providing info on R&B vocal groups from the 1930s-50s.

Record Labels

Dome Records - A great UK based label featuring artists such as Karen Bernod, Incognito and Carleen Anderson.

Expansion Records - This UK label is one of the leaders in bringing great soul music to Europe. 

Purpose Records - Young label featuring Angela Johnson, Tortured Soul, Cooly's Hot Box and other great acts.

Random Records - Up and coming UK-based soul music label

Soul Brother Records - UK label specializing in reissuing classic soul and jazz albums, compiling anthologies, and in new independent artists

Soulchoonz Records - UK-based home to such acts as Brown's Bag and Joslyn.

Soul Unsigned - New innovative label created by Phil Driver.

Truth and Soul Records 

Vinyl Masterpiece - A great place to find 80s dance music reissues.


Black Magic Sounds - A podcast that looks at great music of the past


FullaSoul - Nice community for soul music fans

Grown Folks Music - Grown Folks Music is your community to discover, reflect upon, share and hear great music

Jazz Player - The jazz player's connection, is brought to you by Symphony Publishing, publisher of JazzEd Magazine.


The Bloom Effect - Fiona Bloom's consulting, publicity and artist management company.

Buddy and Hopkins - The home of Jason Nocera's funny "Buddy and Hopkins" comic strip about two aspiring blues/soul musicians.

Jeff O's Retro Music - Jeff O'Corbett's tribute to "50s Songs You've Never Heard," with original Oldies Doo Wop, 50's Rock & Rockabilly Mp3's.

Memorabilia Rocks - UK-based home for information on rock memorabilia. - The web home of Di-Lee Promotions

Soul Food Music - promotion for Radio / Press and Marketing - covering the entire British soul media.

SoulTrain (UK) - Site of the SoulTrain gang in the UK, who organize great Soul music events and broadcasts.

Soulful Grooves and Soul Music Collector - Two sites from Soul Music man Paul Philips, who broadcasts Saturday nights on Solar Radio and also has a great site showcasing some rare dance albums.

Starfleet Music Pool - Breaking records from Hip Hop to Euro Dance music through its thousands of DJs around the globe

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Choice Cut - Jeffrey Dennis - Unbelievable
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