Adria Shahid

Adria Shahid

Official Biography (courtesy of Adria Shaid) 

You can expect to be entertained and relax with the smooth serene flow, to the funky power vocals of Adria Shahid.

Adria comes from a family of musical artist and musicians. She studied voice for two years with the late Dorothy Spinte of east Columbus.  Adria is currently in the finishing stages with her smooth, soul jazz single; “Thank You”

She has traveled overseas and performed with some of Columbus’s finest musicians and singers alike. Her eclectic band “JAZZASIS” is one of the keys that spark her unique sound.

Her band, JAZZASIS; respects, preserves the unique sounds of each genre we perform with a groove when needed, dynamic techniques from experience & love of the music.

Adria’s musical experience includes talent scouting, behind the scene promotions, etc. Ms. Adria has identified and worked to bring several underground artist to the Columbus area.  Maysa, Ledisi to name a few. She also worked as Talent Coordinator for “Vonn Jazz Supper Club”.  

Her current motto is: “Time to share the goodness I’ve been givin”

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