Interview with Chris Jasper

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    There is no doubt that among the great soul/funk groups of the 70s and early 80s, the Isleys were the baddest. They had the look down better than anyone; they had the smoke coming up from the ground in their concerts; and, more importantly, they could move from smoking funk songs like "Fight The Power" and "That Lady" to sweet ballads such as "For The Love of You" and "(At Your Best) You Are Love" with a seamlessness no one else could match. And while it is clear that Ronald Isley's magnetic voice and Ernie Isley's searing guitar solos were deserving of the kudos they've continued to receive to this day, Chris Jasper's influence on the unique sound of the Isleys has often been overlooked. His keyboard and moog work was the underpinning of the group's great dance tunes and was a key to their classic ballads such as "Groove With You" and "Between the Sheets."


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