Their moment in the sun was relatively brief, but that doesn’t take away from the talent that the members of 90s R&B trio Intro brought to the table.

    Rising out of Brooklyn, New York, Trio consisted of lead singer Kenny Greene and fellow members Jeff Sanders and Buddy Wike. They were discovered by renowned rapper Heavy D., and they signed with Atlantic Records.

    Intro came out of the box scorching hot, hitting the top 10 with the 1993 single “Come Inside,” and following with two other top 30 singles (“Let Me Be The One” and “Love Thang”) from the group’s self-titled debut album. The next year the group landed another smash, with a stylized cover of Stevie Wonder’s ballad “Ribbon In The Sky,” from the New Life album.

    The hit slowed down after that, and, sadly, lead singer Greene died in 2001. Intro has recorded a few singles in the 10s, but nothing that dented the charts. In 2022, they appeared on Eric Roberson’s very nice album cut, “All I Want.”

    By Chris Rizik

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