James Taylor Quartet

James Taylor Quartet

Official Biography (courtesy of James Taylor Quartet)

After the collapse of mod legends The Prisoners in the 1980's, and before moving to Sweden, Hammond player James Taylor recorded some demo's with brother David on guitar, the bass player from The Prisoners, a drummer from down the road... and thus The James Taylor Quartet were born. From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow, and it wasn't long before the first single, 'Blow Up' had been released, the band were back in the studio rehearsing for the 'Mission Impossible' EP, gigs were booked, and the late John Peel was offering a session.

Skip forward 20 years and where are we now? Well, JTQ have evolved into one of the most exciting and well respected touring bands in the UK. With 20 albums to their name, the band's recorded output is not to be scoffed at either. 'Prolific' is an understatement, with albums touching genres as diverse as jazz, funk, soul, rock, and even rap, not to mention a handful of library albums in between. 

Live, the band are explosive. With a catalogue that diverse, there really is something for everyone at a JTQ gig, and the relentless touring schedule means that, these days, there aren't many people who haven't heard of the band. Check out the tour dates for details of gigs near you, and make sure you get out to see one of the finest, grooviest, and hardest working bands the UK has ever produced.....

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