Joshland Shervette

Joshland Shervette

Official Biography (courtesy of Joshland Shervette)

Joshland Shervette is a female recording artist originally from Sacramento, CA, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Although she is not married and has no children, she is known to minister to women who have problems with men and self-esteem through her “Spiritual Soul” music. This musical brand gives spiritual guidance for soul issues.  Because Joshland Shervette has created her own self-proclaimed genre, called “Spiritual Soul” music, her no-nonsense, tell it like it is, self-written lyrical content is definitely NOT for traditional Sunday morning church goers. 

At a very early age, Joshland’s Shervette’s mother realized she had a natural gift for quickly memorizing songs and singing them.  So, she encouraged her to sing her first solo in church at the age of 4 years old.  While being raised listening to nothing but gospel music in the house, Joshland Shervette was deeply influenced by The Rance Allen Group, who is her favorite singing group of all time.  This is because they sing about issues that affect our daily lives. After graduating from California State University, Sacramento, with her BA Degree in Communications Studies, she began listening to both secular and gospel music, which helped her to combine both genres. To her delight, the “Spiritual Soul” music brand was created.

In being obedient to God by forsaking her career in the fashion industry, Joshland Shervette started her own production company, High Hill Productions.  This company controls Joshland Shervette’s music catalog, CD and media projects, and distributes her memorabilia. She also offers guidance to other recording artists in their careers by assisting them in writing and creating original material for their projects.

Joshland Shervette’s debut single, entitled “STOP!” includes two songs. The first track, “STOP!” is the up-tempo, finger-pointing, opinionated song that teaches the lesson that God don’t like ugly!  While the second track, “Everything” is smooth sounding with melodically structured vocals explaining how valuable and important the Lord is.  “STOP!” has created a mouth-watering frenzy among listeners for Joshland Shervette’s second CD. This extended play project, entitled “SET ASIDE: The EP”, contains five songs concerning the same subject matter and was released January 1, 2012.  Her third release is already planned for the fall of 2014, which will be her first full length album, entitled "I’m Just Sayin’.”   Joshland Shervette continues to transcend the barriers of established musical genres through her own brand of “Spiritual Soul” music.

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