Melissa Young

Melissa Young

    When blessed with the pleasure of meeting Melissa Young, do not mistake her for just another whimsical artist. No, this young lady boasts brains and beauty. Young very seldom discusses it, but she is also an accomplished filmmaker and touts a M.F.A from the number one film school in the country, NYU. That's right, there is so much more behind those dark freckles, on that mysterious face.

    Young spent her early years in Greenville, South Carolina, singing in the church choir. She started her own singing group at the age of 15. In 1999, resolved to expand on her love of music, Young lent background vocals to several artists, including reggae singer Ky-mani Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley.

    These days Melissa can be found burning up the stages of her new home Atlanta and other cities across the country. Her album, "Just Up The Road", is set for release in 2007 as one of SugaShack Music's debut projects.  "Just Up The Road" is symbolic of the journey Young has traveled thus far in her life. "At times", she says, "I feel like I am on this long country road, pit stopping in small towns along the way. Each time that I get back on the road, I've learned something new to carry with me. Sometimes I'm a little lost, but I never stop looking for my destination. I know however hard or challenging, what I am looking for is right up the road, so I keep going. Just when I feel I've gone too far or missed my stop, I look up and what I am looking for is right there, where it's supposed to front of me, Just Up the Road."

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