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In the 1970's, there was a plethora of self-contained R&B/funk bands such as The Meters, Kool & The Gang, Earth, Wind & Fire, War, Parliament/Funkadelic, Mandrill, Rufus and of course James Brown's JB's, who were creating expansive combinations of R&B, funk, rock, Latin and pan-African sounds, often via wide-ranging, incendiary live performances that put them on the cutting edge of global music-making. Over time, the rise of hip-hop and disco eclipsed the great R&B/funk bands, though ironically their funk grooves were resurrected by hip-hop artists via sampling from the late 80's on. A new generation of artists has rediscovered this music and have begun resurrecting and re-shaping it for 21st Century ears. One of the best of the new generation funk/R&B bands is Orgone, a eight-person group now fronted by scorching-hot vocalist Adryon de Leon. Beginning as a largely instrumental band nearly a decade ago, Orgone, with the addition of DeLeon, and increased touring up to 150 dates a year, has evolved to become a high-energy band with extraordinary command of a wide range of R & B and funk grooves, laced with jazz, Latin and rock music. Orgone has just been signed by Shanachie Entertainment and is now recording a new album --their first with DeLeon, slated for April release.


"The band reminds me very much early Rufus and classic Sly & The Family Stone in their combination of great vocals with great grooves that blend elements of funk, R & B and rock," says Shanachie GM Randall Grass. "And I believe they have grown to the point that they are poised to break out."


Each band member of Orgone shines in his own right, but together their chemistry results in a sweeping sound more tenacious than the sum of its considerable parts. Members of Orgone have collaborated/ performed with the Roots, Al Green, Gil Scott-Heron, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Breakestra, Thievery Corporation, and the Monophonics. Known for being air-tight in the studio, Orgone has been the backing band on numerous major label releases, most notably, Alicia Keys' As I Am album and Cee Lo Green's multiple Grammy Award-winning track "Fool for You."  Like most great live bands, Orgone's challenge is to deliver the same level of excitement on their recordings.


Founding member/guitarist Sergio Rios is confident that the band is now ready to do just that. "The band is sounding and performing the best it's ever been," notes.  Adryon is an incredible soul singer with range and fury, and our new songs are some of the best things we've ever done. Stoked that Shanachie is behind us in putting out what will be by far our strongest, hookiest, most assured and evolved album to



Orgone is bringing a classic style to a new generation of music fans and striking a blow for organic music-making at the same time. In a musical landscape to often dominated by prefabricated or cerebral music, Orgone is a breath of fresh air.



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