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Black i

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In 2002, Eric Brown moved to NYC from the Bay area, and hit New York City's live music scene in venues like the VILLAGE UNDERGROUND and JOE'S PUB... On an R&B/gospel gig, he met bassist Michael Griot, an independent producer, and busy tour musician.  Almost immediately, they began writing and recording at GRIOT'S studio (ATTICA). They quickly became a highly-regarded NYC "live" rhythmn section; their deep grooves and soulful syncopations were heard while touring behind UK soul legend OMAR, and international hip-hop artist was clear to everyone right away: there was something special about the way they grooved!!

"FOR YOU" is their highly-anticipated debut release from PWI ENTERTAINMENT.  OMAR himself shares an uptempo with Brown on "Family Fffair." Grammy-nominated trumpeter Russell Gunn (who also tours with C-Lo) rips on two songs, as well as a catchy co-write and backing vocals by Philadelphia's own R&B royalty Kenny Whitehead. "BLACK i is our way to express our love of just performing", says bassist Michael Griot, "through our instruments and our lyrics." Comparisons run the gamut: from Prince to Maxwell...from Curtis Mayfield to EWF..."we are basically doing up-tempo relationship songs on this record."

Available Music

Featured Album - Michael Mayo - Bones
Choice Cut - Ascendant feat. Angela Johnson - "It's Not Over"
Song of the Month - Ty Causey feat. Monet Cherise - "U-Turn"
Album of the Month - Derrick "Doc" Pearson - A Family Man

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