Brownstone was a Grammy Award nominated female R&B group popular during the mid-1990s. They are best known for the 1995 hit single, "If You Love Me". They also had some success with the singles "Grapevyne", "Pass The Lovin'", and "I Can't Tell You Why", a song originally recorded by the Eagles.

The three original members of Brownstone were Nichole "Nicci" Gilbert, Charmayne "Maxee" Maxwell and Monica "Mimi" Doby. The group was founded in Los Angeles after the three singers met each other after going to different auditions around the city. They formed the group, and less than a year later were signed to Michael Jackson's MJJ Music Record Label. They recorded their debut album, From the Bottom Up which spawned the hit "If You Love Me" (written by Gordon Chambers and recorded by him on his 2007 release Love Stories). In 1995 the band was awarded with a Grammy nomination and a Billboard Music Award.

After extensive touring around the globe, Doby left the group. She was replaced by Kina Cosper and the group had a moderate hit with "5 Miles to Empty". However, the group failed to regain their popularity, and their subsequent albums were considered commercial failures.

Since the group broke up Gilbert has had small roles in a few movies and TV, most recently as a regular member of TV One's R&B Divas. Maxwell had an on again, off again career in Europe as a recording artist. Doby left the business, married, is a teacher, and has two children.

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