C. Robert Walker

C. Robert Walker

Official Biography (courtesy of C Robert Walker)

C. Robert Walker is called the singer… He can flow from Soul to Neo-Soul to Jazz to RnB to House, with a seductive ease and before you know it, you are in it, and he is in you…..Writing the lyrics, creating the Melody and Harmonies plus doing all the backing vocals….He has been called the complete singer

Robert’s career starts early in music by playing five instruments and also singer in choirs throughout high school and College..  Became lead singer and songwriter of group "Men With Style" and writes the hit single "Love is Like That" which was released on the Blue Flame Record Label in Germany.  Song becomes a hit in America on a Jazz label and in Europe

Men With Style were on their way for certain stardom performing all over New York and Atlantic City New Jersey and throughout Europe but as groups sometime due they broke up. 

After personnel problems he returned to the music by doing Musicals.  In Antwerpen Belgium he does acting and singing in the Musical "Soul Baby June" and became one of the musicals top draws. Then in the Netherlands the city of Amsterdam he performs in The Musical RESPECT for 4 years and tours all over Holland and does a second musical "It Takes Two" a production of duet songs.  

In Europe Robert teams up with  "Syndicate Of Law" for single "Early In The Morning".  Which goes to number 3 on the France Dance Charts.  The next project was with the DJ producer Junior Jack song called We Loved (E-People Featuring ) released by Scorpio Records out of France became one of the highest advances paid for a single.   Robert then writes and sings on a single for Junior Jacks Room 5 album called "Hey Girl".  The next project with JJ  was a collaboration with Jocelyn Brown for single "Hold me Up"  Robert lays down all the backings, melody and chorus / Hook. 

Now he teams up with "Jazz/Lounge Group "Gard Du Nord" out of the Netherlands for single "Sold My Soul" (to the devil) Track becomes a instance hit and is played all over Netherlands.  The Group  is performing through out Holland and doing a live broadcast on Baron and Von Dorp, watched by millions in Holland

Robert is introduced to Boddhi Satva with his Afro-Centric Grooves and Robert creates melodies and harmonies and they begin to create music that moves you…. The first Single is called Get-Up which becomes a classic house track in South Africa and the New York scene… They experiment again with a Lounge House groove called "Nobody Else But You"… and it becomes hit in South Africa and is in every DJ's Rotation..Robert  is ask to write several songs for Boddhi Satva greatly anticipated 1st album Invocations.  He writes 4 songs for the album and sings on Your My Woman solo. The songs Africa, Funny How Sex Changes Things, Your My Woman and co-writes the first single off the album Invocations called "Who Am I" a duet with Athenai. 

Still creating he teams up with Producer Rob Hardht of Germany and Frank Ryle of Denmark to write and sing a song for their first project called Cool Million.  Robert Writes lyrics and creates melody  on song "Pulling Me Back" it  Becomes a Hit off the album "Going Out Tonight" and is the first single to be remixed by the Great Tom Molton of New York.  Does several other projects with Rob Hardht for Seductive Souls album.  Writes 3 Songs for the Spirit Album "Love Don't Hurt at All" , "One People", and the Earth Wind and Fire inspired "How It Feels".  Roberts track "Love Don't hurt At All ", and "How It Feels" become hits… Cool Million wants to release a Xmas album and ask Robert to sing Donny Hathaways classic This Xmas.  Roberts does only if he can write two other songs for album.  The other two songs become classics  A Thousand Kisses At Christmas and On This Day which was given the best write up off of the Xmas project.

Robert teams up with DJ Producer Arnauud Carette aka Juan Pacifico of Green Slash Records for the single "Gimme Your Love" a different vibe than the soulful house but it is received very well and is ranked number 8  on Smoothtraxx.com.  He is again showing his creativity and ability to sing different types of music.

Now Robert is introduced to Rocco a House DJ out of France…They create a Track called "Hard Times for Lovers" and released on GOGO Music and it becomes a success and is a House favorite throughout Europe, America, South America  and South Africa….. Song becomes Number one on Traxxsource

Rocco and Robert come together again to create the much anticipated second release of the two "Love The NIghts" now on Foliage Records… Song goes to number one again on Traxxsource and vinyl goes to number 1 on London's BM Soho.  Song is then re-mix by Little Louie Vega and it becomes a classic on the Detroit, Chicago House scene

C. Robert Walker is now introduce to  Jazz / House Producer Paris Cesvette and they release Loving You In Places song becomes an instance hit in South Africa and also exploding on the Detroit and Chicago House scene.  With a remix by Pirahanhead  being able to push the song more it seems another hit on the way.  Another project comes to this music and song writing team from South African  artist Room 806,  Paris works the music Robert handles the Vocals Melody and Lyrics to create First Hello and it becomes a smash on its release within South Africa and the UK market.  Now Robert teams up with the Jack2Jazz Band and they do a live production of a song called African Summer (in winter) an Instance Hit and people cannot get enough of this song.  Now while all this is happening they are working on his first Solo Album.  The name Something Going On and it is…… With collaborations with Grammy winners Peter White on song How Can I and Paul Brown on Your The Reason ….best is yet to come……….

Release date: 22nd April 2013 (contact ralph@expansion-records.co.uk)

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