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Live in New York City, C Phineas is the new sound of soul music. Never before have elements of The Roots, John Coltrane and James Brown come together to create this powerful sound. In a world that hypes stars that create behind computers, this band is dedicated to performing and recording their own live music. Blending rap, improvisation and old-school soul, C Phineas ignites the future of popular music with an energy that could never be produced by machine.

Drummer, composer and producer Chris Smith started C Phineas with the goal of making creative music geared to the ears of current pop culture.  He didn't have to look far to find musicians excited about the concept. Johnathon Celestin (vocals), DiMaggio (EmCee), Landon Knoblock (keyboard), Josh Paris (bass), Vito Chiavuzzo (bari sax), Chris Shade (alto sax) and Sam Ryder (tenor sax) add a wide range of personal and musical aspects to the bands unique sound. Each musician is as diverse as New York City itself.  The fictional creation of C Phineas the man can be envisioned as an Irish, African, Italian and Mexican descendant who loves football, Disney music, Xbox, Jazz, Hip-Hop and 20th century German Literature. Living on a sheep farm in Holland, he has a phobia of oranges.  If this man actually exists we may never know, but surely he is at every C Phineas show.  In a society desperately seeking common ground on anything, the members of the band find their common ground in creating original soul music.

With their second album, The Breakdown, C Phineas has created the perfect mix of Hip-Hop and Jazz. Featuring three saxophones, a soulful singer and Brooklyn's finest emcee, each song is a tour de force of smart lyrics and timeless music.  The album is an instant classic that is accessible to every age, gender and race. The Breakdown proves C Phineas is not afraid to take Soul music places it's never been. Visit www.cphineas.com to buy the album, meet the band and get the latest band news.

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Choice Cut - BluDazz feat. Michael J. Calhoun - "Chillax"
Album of the Month - Samuel Archer - "Soul Music Vineyard"
Song of the Month - Ty Causey - "Contagious"
Featured Album - The Fatback Band - "Funk'n Xmas Up!!"

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