Chaz Shepherd

Chaz Shepherd

Official Biography (courtesy of Chaz Shepherd)

Born and raised only a brisk walk from legendary "Philadelphia International Records," where the classic "Philly Soul" sound was conceived in its full glory, Chaz Records' recording artist Chaz Shepherd is at the forefront of the renaissance movement he endearingly refers to as "Young Soul".  The burgeoning revival of a genre once forgotten is now captivating audiences throughout the country and around the world.  Chaz is intent on making a significant contribution to once again make soul music the popular choice.

As stated in its opening lines, Chaz' debut album, "Love & Truth", released on his own label "Chaz Records", comes straight from "Philadelphia to your world" and features 11 tracks of a brand of soul so rich and full in harmonies and melodies that it encapsulates your entire being and takes you to a place of depth, warmth and realness rarely experienced in today's music. Reaching into the Black Pool of Genius, "Love & Truth" takes you on a journey reminiscent of R&B Soul legends Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye all the way to the sultry soul of Rasaan Patterson and D'Angelo. In short, this Brotha can sing!

Chaz was the sole producer on a number of the tracks.  The remainder of the album was produced by Chaz along with partner Joel Whitley, an incredible producer/musician who has toured with Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keyes and Chris Martin of Cold Play to name a few. 

"Love & Truth" features critically acclaimed tracks such as "By My Side" and "Chemical Reaction," both of which attained significant radio success at the Urban Adult Contemporary Format and appeared on The Billboard Hot 100 R&B/Hip Hop Songs Airplay Chart simultaneously. "By My Side" is a sexy ballad that many women absolutely love!  It talks about a love so strong that her presence is all that's required. "We ain't got to do nothing, ain't got to touch nothing, ain't got to say nothing. You being here to my right, be the highlight of my morning." "Chemical Reaction," one of morning show host Steve Harvey's favorites, details the flip side of love after the break up and the process of getting back on your feet. "I had a chemical reaction. I don't know what happened. But all I know, I feel better now." The first single "Gotta Get You" is a nostalgic, "feel good" approach to the classic pursuit of a woman by a man when he just has to have her. "All I need is a yes. Nothing about me can rest, not yet. Not until I get you girl."  The remainder of the album includes tracks such as "Just Life," "It Calls Me" and "Turn Your Light On" which deal with themes such as hope, passion, unity and world peace.

Chaz Shepherd, who is also an accomplished actor, recently starred as Harpo in Oprah Winfrey's Broadway Production of "The Color Purple," opposite R&B songstress Fantasia in addition to many other films, television shows and plays. Chaz credits God and his mom as the driving force behind his success. When asked of his motivation for penning "Love and Truth," Chaz said, "I just want to inspire people to live happy."

"Love & Truth" is the story of relationships, joys, sorrows, passions, desires, unity and peace. It's the story of life, much like the ones we all lead. Experience "Love & Truth" through the eyes of Chaz Shepherd.

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