Official Biography (courtesy of Chidi)

    CHIDI’s persona oozes a genuine charisma that is refreshing and revitalizing, and her amazingly powerful voice is in a class of its own.  When CHIDI sings, the words touch your soul, stirring up a musical sound-scape that catapults you into the very heart of the song.  It is this gift that has enabled her to share the stage with legends such as James Brown, Prince, and Stevie Wonder, as a session singer.  Whilst CHIDI loves session singing, she has embarked upon a musical journey of her own for the second time around, taking a back-pack full of talent, experience and advice that she has collected along the way. 

    CHIDI discovered her voice, and her passion for singing whilst attending Church.  Having supported a number of gospel artists including Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, and Kirk Franklin, CHIDI knew it was her destiny to become a solo artist.  Her first album called Unrehearsed was released in 2009, and contained the underground smash, Wrong Again.  The album helped CHIDI to gain a steady stream of followers through her unique blend of soul, jazz and gospel.  CHIDI is an eclectic artist, and her diverse audience reflects that.  Now, after years of touring, teaching vocals and fuelling other people’s dreams, CHIDI is ready to re-live hers by releasing her second album, appropriately entitled Exhale.  The set contains a blend of Soul, all with her unique imprint, the words of the songs are straight from CHIDI’s heart, and she covers a range of themes on love and friendship.  And CHIDI does not compromise on the musicality. Containing a range of producers including award winner Neville Thomas, the album is diverse and contains something for everyone.  When you associate with legends, it’s inevitable that you become one.  CHIDI is a legend in the making. 

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    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"