Concert Review: Jay-Z and Beyonce are "On the Run"

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    Okay family, the blessings keep pouring in.  Prior to boarding a plane from the Essence Festival, I received word to review one of the summer’s hottest tour Live Nation’s Jay Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour.  So once I landed, I was whisked away to the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD.  I could feel the excitement in the air as soon as I arrived.  Everyone singing their favorite Jay or “Bey” songs, or wearing clothing that either paid homage to each artist or gear that resembled something worn in one of their videos.  Yes, believe me when I tell you there was definitely an eyeful.  As I received my ticket and headed to my seat, just a few yards away from the stage, the audience’s anticipation was thick as fog.  The night – clear, the air – humid, then it happens….The rumble of sound as the couple’s short Bonnie & Clyde themed film is blazing on all 3 large screens. (You can view the film on YouTube)

    Playing for approximately 5 minutes (and intermittently throughout the show), the middle screen slowly opens with smoke and the Carters’ standing very statuesque. With the screaming of fans which was almost deafening to the ear, Jay and Bey commence to sing their Bonnie & Clyde theme.  Jay looking oh so clean with his denim, fresh kicks, and gangsta skully and shades.  Meanwhile, Beyoncé has everyone in awe with her fishnet, high cut barely there black bodysuit with a fishnet “burglar” mask to match. 

    That was the beginning of what turned out to be a 2 ½ hour unforgettable performance.  Each artist took turns singing their own material such as: “Show Me What You Got”, “Upgrade U”, and “Crazy in Love,” while occasionally coming together to sing their duets. 

    Now on the surface it’s fair to say it was a show filled with nothing but hits.  This is indeed true; however if one would pay close attention, the entire show contained an underlying theme.  You see, from the opening number, to songs in the middle as well as the end, this power couple basically told their history as a couple together.  Without giving away too many surprises, we’ve seen and heard songs that seemed to represent a moment within their lives and careers.  Their first collaborative represents their covert dating phase, then throughout the show, you can see the dark yet so sensual phase, the nuptials, the pregnancy, the rumored infidelity, and to conclude the show – their strength as a couple. 

    As the concert concluded, we were treated to a collage of personal home movies as Beyoncé sang “Forever Young” while Jay held her close watching the video.  It was as if they were saying “We are the Carters.”  The On The Run Tour is more than just a show, it’s an experience.  I say that to mean despite what negative press this couple receives, with this tour, it appears they’re subliminally saying “F*** you tabloids and F*** you negative media!! We are human, we make mistakes and before we hear or read another derogative word, we are together for the long ride, because we are the Carters”!!  To see this unity for yourself, check out either:,, or for tickets.

    “This is my 4th time seeing Jay Z”, Joel from Washington, DC  “Anything that Beyoncé sings is AWESOME”, Hyland from Washington, DC

    By Avery Dey