Cynthia Jones

Cynthia Jones

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    Grammy and three-time Stellar nominated singer/songwriterCYNTHIA JONES remains true to her soulful roots and uncompromising lyricism with the release of her latest 18 track masterpiece, JOURNEY OF SOUL (Kingdom Records).

    CYNTHIA is a powerful neo soul gospel artist that takes full command of her audience. She has undeniably broken through barriers as the missing link between the neo soul movement and the gospel realm, reaching hearts and souls of listeners from all walks of life through her style of music.

    From the beginning the Raleigh, North Carolina native vowed to God that she would never disguise the Lord’s name, even after being told if she would take out words such as God and Jesus, and exchange them for words like you, him and he so people wouldn’t recognize who she was singing about to be more successful and get more airplay on radio.

    CYNTHIA feels like it would be a disservice as a born again believer to lower the bar and leave out the name of Christ just to cross over.  She feels if her music crosses over, it would do so because people genuinely love her music and the message without changing her lyrics.

    To date Cynthia has won a divers legion of fans through her soulful rhythms and bold lyricism, she has received a Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album, three Stellar Award Nominations in categories of Female Vocalist of the Year, Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year, and Contemporary CD of the Year, and she scored two Prestige Awards for Female Vocalist of the year and Jazz Artist of the Year.

    CYNTHIA JONES continues to astound wherever she goes.  Her voice has a touch of Jill Scott, Lisa McClendon, and Erykah Badu..

    Many souls from all walks of life, as well as those who have turned away from God and the church, have embraced gospel music again through her style of music, and now with the release of JOURNEY OF SOUL not only does she have her neo soul fanbase, she also has gained support from the smooth jazz and steppin community. Yes, Ms Jones can step a little bit.

    As new doors and avenues continue open for CYNTHIA, she will continue to be true to her calling and seize every opportunity in and outside the church walls to spread the gospel.

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