Listen to The Soul Eclectics’ Mix, Vol. 6

LMG: The Soul Eclectics’ Mix, Vol. 6

LMG: The Soul Eclectics’ Mix, Vol. 6

As we come nearer to my Happy Born Day this month, I decided the best way to celebrate being alive and kicking another year was to give you a triple stuff edition with nearly three hours of continuous uninterrupted music, both modern classics and newly emerging ones. This volume is a little more chill and easy a venture, with a few uptempo workouts here and there just to keep it interesting. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe here or on iTunes and tell your friends that the LMG: The Soul Eclectics’ Mix, proves good music never died. ENJOY! – L. Michael Gipson

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LMG: The Soul Eclectics’ Mix, Vol. VI Playlist
1) Special – Monica Blaire

2) Sailing – Trina Broussard

3) A Night With You (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Gabriele Poso

4) Joy You Give – Heidi Vogel

5) Never In Your Sun (ft. India.Arie) – Khari Cabral

6) Come With Me – Khari Lemuel

6) You Are The Music – Mamas Gun

7) Fight For Him – Honey LaRochelle

8) Little Girl New – KimberlyNichole

9) Got Jesus – Sensere

10) Green Light – Jamie Lidell

11) My Story – Marvin Winans

12) The Lottery – The Stepkids

13) I’m In Love – All Cows Eat Grass

14) If I Lay Down With You (Acoustic) – Lewis Taylor

15) Little Wild Fire – Phillip Beaudreau

16) San Francisco Street – Sun Rai

17) When The Laughter Is Over – Swing Out Sister

18) All The Things (ft. Joe Webb)– Ra-Re Valverde

19) Forgotten – AB + 14K

20) Sanctuary (ft. Coultrain & Jamila Raegan) – PPP

21) Liberation (ft. Cee-lo, Erykah Badu, Big Rube) – OutKast

22) Momentinlife (ft. Cee-lo & Kindred the Family Soul) – Musiq

23) Days of Our Lives – Latif

24) Love Will Find A Way – Bradd Marquis

25) One Hundred Ways – Jay-R

26) Mind of a Woman – Alain Clark

27) Undefeated Love – Martin Luther

28) Smoke One (feat. Earl Klugh) – Anthony David

29) There is Love  – Bridgette Bryant

30) Like This – Avery*Sunshine

31) She – Camera Soul

32) All Kinds of Things – Darien

33) Second Guess (ft. Jag) – Reel People

34) Whatcha Gonna Do For Me (Freeformer Toddy T's Smooth Dub ft. Alex Isley & Josh Aguilar) – The Decoders

35) Divine (ft. Fatima) – Eric Lau

36) Wrong or Right – Kwabs

37) All The Way Home – Tamar Braxton

38) Dreamland – The Hop

39) Misery – Cherri Prince

40) Learning To Fly – Miles Bonny

41) Home is Where The Hatred Is (Live @ Bam Café ft. Onaje Allan-Gumbs) – The Originals: Dasan Ahanu & Tai Allen

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