Eric Deon

Eric Deon

    Native Detroiter Eric Deon is a relative newcomer to Soul Tracks, but he's been singing Gospel music since he was a child.  As a young man he performed as part of Derrick Starks and Today's Generation and worked with Detroit Gospel royalty, from Vanessa Bell-Armstrong to Vickie Winans to Karen Clark-Sheard.  He is now in ministry at Detroit's Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ.

    Deon cut three songs that were included on the 2001 Gospel compilation In The Beauty of Holiness, but had his sights set on creating a full solo album.  The result was his 2003 release Larger Than Life, a fine album that straddles a number of styles, from classic soul to traditional Gospel to New Jack to Blues, and even a few jazzy turns, but with a lyrical content that is unapologetically spiritual.  While the uptempo material is interesting, Deon particularly shines on the ballads "Die For You" and "Read About Me." Also interesting are the spoken interludes.  Worth checking out.

    What's He Doing Now?

    In February, 2004, Eric's first video was put in rotation on the "Video Gospel" show on the Word Network.

    By Chris Rizik

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