Erik Rico

Erik Rico

Official Biography (courtesy of Erik Rico) 

Born into a diverse family of creative artists, Erik started his professional career 10 years ago as a self contained artist/producer on Sony's Columbia Records after being discovered by American Idol's Randy Jackson, then V.P. of Columbia Records. Randy quickly signed Erik to a multi album solo artist deal. Prior to Jackson's introduction to Erik via a songwriting demo, he had only briefly been producing, writing and arranging for independent hip hop and soul acts on the east coast. However, after only two years of being immersed in the confinements of the world of corporate music, Erik felt his creativity could be better expressed elsewhere. He broke his contract with Sony, and headed back east and then to Europe in search of musical freedom.

It wasn't long until Erik returned to California in pursuit of his musical career as an independent producer/artist where he was tapped to do his first major label production, coupled with various multimedia projects encompassing network and TV shows, feature films for the Showtime network, PBS as well as a two year stint as sound designer for famed photographer David LaChapelle and currently with Producit Inc. whose clients include: All major TV & Film networks, international advertising agencies, private events and celebrity clients such as Elton John, Gene Simmons, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba. Erik is currently working on several projects to be released on Lifenotes Music.

Choice Cut - Maysa - "Lovin' You Is Easy"

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