First Listen: Al Johnson's "It's Real"

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    Al Johnson(October 26, 3013) Al Johnson was one of the all-time soul greats. First as a member of the great Unifics and then as a solo artist, songwriter and producer, Johnson was the pride of DC and an extremely underrated, talented man. (See our death notice of Al)

    Today, as we bear the sad news of Al's death, we are glad to have heard from Al not too long ago when his label sent us a song from the disc he was recording, Maybe the Fire Isn't Out. We shared it then with SoulTrackers and we're bringing it back again to remember just how special this artist was right until the end.

    Check out Al's recording, "It's Real."  You won't hear it on radio, but we are proud to present it again as a tribute to Al Johnson.

    Al Johnson - "It's Real" 


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