SoulTracks First Look: Christoffer Hiding wants to "Shine On"

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    Swedish pop/soul man Christoffer Hiding fell in love with the neo soul sound of the nineties and D'Angelo became his musical guru. Singing was something that came natural and after high school he started to write his own songs in the vein of his musical role models. A few years later Christoffer auditioned for the Swedish Idols, where he ended up in sixth place. That fed his passion to make his own music.

    Christoffer wanted to make an organic soulful album that echoed of the seventies. The result, Yes, Higher!, became an instant hit in Europe and is now ready to hit the States, with the help of the very nice single, "Shine On." 

    "I wrote Shine On in a desperate state of mind. A rapper I used to work with just hustled me for 40.000 SEK and I was struggling financially. With the help of the words of the song I managed to move on, overcome the bitterness I felt and to forgive him. "I'll keep on shining anyway."

    "Shine On" is our newest SoulTracks First Look. Check out this talented young singer below and tell us what you think!

    Christoffer Hiding - "Shine On" 

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