First Listen: "If You Could See" what Derrick Givens has in store

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    Back in 1978, a pre-teen quartet of exuberant entertainers danced and sang their way into the homes of millions of Americans watching the ever-popular sitcom, What's Happening! The Givens Family, delivering a performance of "Bubblin' Brown Sugar," gained national exposure on a Gong Show-inspired episode and quickly thereafter signed a contract with prominent disco label, Venture Records. 

    Although the Givens recorded a string of singles for various companies throughout the '80s, member Derrick has remained the most active in music since that time. After singing on several internationally successful soulful house records during the early 2000s, he recently began independently releasing some heartfelt R&B material of his own. In the tradition of emotive crooners like Brian McKnight and Joe, his yearning tenor presence on the new single, "If You Could See," finds him effortlessly (but very convincingly) issuing a plea for intimacy and commitment. Backed by an engaging midtempo groove crafted by Givens with Merle Art Productions, the song is sure to win the hearts of those who take their soul jams smooth and authentic.

    Listen to "If You Could See" here and tell us what you think!

    by Justin Kantor

    Derrick Givens - "If You Could See"


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