First Listen: Lael Summer soulfully says she "Needs a Man"

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    New York born, Cali transplant Lael Summer has been singing since age 2, and her big, expressive voice has always been the perfect fit for classic soul sounds. Lael recently released her debut album, Burden to Bear, produced by longtime SoulTracks fave Tomas Doncker.

    Lael now has a new single out and we're proud to present it as our newest SoulTracks First Listen. As Lael described it to us, "I Need A Man" is the "modern woman's anthem to finding a man that truly fulfills and honors her." And with Tomas's full bodied production, it harkens back to classic Memphis and virtually pops from the speakers.

    Check out "I Need A Man" and tell us what you think!

    Lael Summer - "I Need A Man"



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    Want to hear more from Lael? Check out her music here



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