Mike Phillips, Sarah Ikumu and friends are ready to "Dream Again"

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    (June 8, 2023) It’s easy to feel like the world is trapped in an ongoing nightmare. If you’re living on the east coast right now, wildfires in Canada have darkened your day. We’re confronted with inflation, gun violence, culture wars, actual shooting wars and political gridlock. This comes three years after COVID shut the world down and the protest movement sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police forced the world to recognize the treacherous world that Black people navigate daily.

    Yet, the dream of a better, fairer, and more perfect union remains alive, and “Dream Again,” an inspirational song co-produced by saxophonist Mike Phillips and Hamilton Harden and co-written by Phillips and Tanya James encourages people not to allow circumstances to defer or destroy their dreams. “Dream Again” is not a religious song although it would fit quite comfortably on a gospel radio station. Lead vocalist Sarah Ikumu’s spirited and power-packed vocals along with the backing voices of a nine-member choir led by Sunday Best semifinalist Zebulon Ellis give the tune a praise and worship feel.

    However, the song “Dream Again” will become the soundtrack for people pursuing the American dream of success in the world of business and investing. The song is not only the first single on Phillips’ KIMM  (Keep It Moving Music) label but will be the theme song for the Dream Exchange, which will be the first minority governed stock exchange when it begins operations. Check out “Dream Again” here.

    By Howard Dukes