First Look Video: The SOS Band is "Ready" with new music

There weren't many bands hotter in the 1980s than Atlanta's own SOS Band. With a basketful of hits like "Take Your Time (Do It Right)," "Just Be Good To Me," "Just the Way You Like It," "Tell Me If You Still Care," and their beat-heavy masterpiece, "Finest," they kept fans jumping with a great mixture of funk beats and great vocals.

A little while ago, we were honored to present the World Premiere of the band's new song, "Just Get Ready." It became one of our most popular First Listens ever, and the great reception from fans has led the SOS Band to work on their first new album in over 20 years!  

Well, now due to the great response, SOS Band has decided to fully release "Just Get Ready" as a single, with a brand new video. So here's your chance to enjoy it all over again. Check out "Just Get Ready" and welcome back the SOS Band.

SOS Band - "Just Get Ready"


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